Hypnosis and Self Help

Our minds are constantly controlling our thoughts which control our lives. However, this can be very distracting if there is a certain “self” running the show. We as a society are always working through our mind and allowing our “mind” or a “belief system” to control us. What we may not understand is that the body is the one that is giving you the answers and the spirit or higher self has a knowing to guide you in the right direction. I will show and teach you ways that can create positive changes within your life by using Hypnosis, NLP, Talk and Self Parts, and many other forms of self help to unlock internal blockages. By working with the unconscious and conscious mind there can be miraculous changes within yourself. These parts of the mind become a team which allows your true self to manifest. I believe that we have to work with the mind, body, and spirit in order to get the best results you can possibly have. If you are struggling with your life purpose, emotions, anxiety, depression, addictions, fears, physical pain, relationships problems, financial problems or time management there are always reasons why these circumstances are taking place. For more information about receiving a hypnosis session click here.

Hypnosis and Past Lives

Hypnosis can go into many directions and one might be curious about Past Lives. Maybe you feel you are drawn to certain landmarks, cultures, people, clothing, music, have a unusual birth mark, unresolved issues with a loved one, etc… Past Lives is our soul remembering these certain things through our energy body. Our mind can not comprehend what is going on. It as though you go through a de ja vú. A knowing you may feel. Through hypnosis we can uncover parts within us that might be stuck in time and I have seen amazing things take place once these connections are discovered. It is not about fear, as this will always keep us entrapped and unaware of our true selves. It is allowing us to be free, to observe and be aware of our patterns in everyday life. For more information on a Past Life session click here.

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