What is a Habit?

We must learn a new way of thinking before we master a new way to be.

Many of us have a habit. Some might it call it an addiction. Mine is chocolate. What do I do when I feel stressed? I grab some chocolate and before I know it the whole Lindt chocolate bar is completely vanished and consumed into my stomach. A habit can be playing video games, watching youtube, being on our phones or even a certain way of feeling or condition because it has been our identity. A habit starts off with a trigger. A trigger can be an emotion or feeling. Sad, bored, anxious, stressed, angry or just think it’s cool to grab a cigarette or a drink of alcohol and later find it helps to relieve stress. Each time we do this we learn to repeat the process and it becomes a habit or a program. So later feeling stressed out triggers that urge to smoke a cigarette or eat something sweet. This is called a reward-based learning process. See food, eat food, feel good. Repeat. Our body sends a signal to our brain that says, “remember what you are eating and where you found it.” It is being aware of our triggers and changing the program. When we can understand this, it starts a beginning of a whole new thinking process. Sometimes we might not even be aware of where our habit came from since it has been with us so long. That is where hypnosis comes in to find the trigger and then change the program. Sometimes it’s as little as finding the cause. There can be many triggers and it is like peeling a onion away until we get to the root of it. Then we can live our life feeling amazing and healthy. After all our body works so hard 48 hours a day 7 days a week and it deserves it doesn’t it? If you would like to learn more please connect with me here.

It will be Okay

Could what we learned or worked as a profession help us to communicate after we die?

It was the morning of October 25th, 2013. Tears were flowing down my face and my heart felt sadness. It’s been a long week traveling from Mexico and going back to my original schedule at home. Sitting at the kitchen table I looked down at this beautiful wooden urn with the picture of Jesus engraved on the front. How I wished my father would just appear around the corner and tell me he is okay. My eyes felt heavy and sore from wiping them. Thinking to myself and wondering if he is okay wherever he is. My phone rang. “Nope not going to answer it. It’s probably a client wanting an appointment and I am just not in the mood to talk right now.” After doing a few things around the house I noticed I had a voicemail from the call earlier. As I proceeded to listen I could hear static on the other end. Then I heard his voice, “It will be okay.” It sounded as though he was miles away. Could this possibly be my father? It’s his accent. Oh my goodness it’s him. Ok either I was going crazy, hallucinating or extremely tired. My dad use to tell me this anytime I was down or just needed to feel better. I knew it. I believed in it, but for a split second you start to question it. I called my husband at the time and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. If you knew my dad you would believe it too. In the next few days strange things were happening but I won’t get into this now. Maybe in another blog. As we sat down going through pictures on the computer the light started flickering on the ceiling. I believed it was him trying to communicate. The minute I looked up at the light I softly said, “Dad is that you?” The light blew out and there was complete silence. I knew I should have stocked up on light bulbs as I told myself. I accepted that this was him letting me know he is watching over me. Now, my father was not only a photographer but also had his own business as an electrician. He knew how technology worked. He knew how to fix lights. In fact he knew how to fix everything. It was his way of saying that he see’s the pictures on the computer screen because the lights would flicker along as we moved through them. Maybe he was disgusted by us deleting so many as I laughed. Fast forward. I work with many clients and death can be very hard for some. One of the reasons for clients coming in for a session is the sadness of losing a loved one. That they also have had experiences after someone close to them has passed away. Every time someone tells me the lights were flickering or blew out I ask what their loved one did as a profession. It never surprises me to hear they were an electrician or worked with energy. Could it possibly be that after death the soul or consciousness has the ability to manipulate energy because they consciously knew how it worked here? Perhaps. I believe there is more to explore beyond what we know, however we are learning more and more. Accepting this as our reality without questioning it. That we are in these lovely vehicles just experiencing life here on this beautiful earth and to accept it. If you would like more information on how to connect or you too have experienced this please contact me here.

Do this to help with Anxiety

I always knew peripheral vision was important when playing certain sports as it prepared me to be more alert and have a quicker response to my opponent. Peripheral Vision is the ability to place focus on the corner outside of your eyes or side vision. After studying more about the human eyes I learned that it is linked to the parasympathetic system (the part of the nervous system associated with relaxation, calmness and healing). I became more aware of how focusing on this part of my eyes helped me go more into a deeper meditative state. I noticed how my body would become more relaxed as my mind became quiet and calm. I could even feel my hands become warm. The more I practiced doing this along with some deep breathing techniques it helped me to reduce any internal dialogue that wasn’t helping me relax. Shamanic cultural traditions such as Hawaiian Huna used peripheral vision as a way into altered states which originated from our ancestors in Egypt. Martial arts encourage peripheral vision as a means to relaxed alertness. Now, when I am sitting in the airport or relaxing in a park I make it a habit to use my vision in this alerted state. I now know through my own experience that this can be used as a powerful way to help clients relax through anxiety and even panic attacks. If you would like more information on learning this technique please contact me here.

Seeing is believing in Reality Believing is Seeing

It was the middle of the night. As I slowly sat up in my bed I notice a beautiful woman in white standing next to the left side of my bed. As an eight year old girl I felt confused but curious. Who is this and why is she here? I could feel this fear taking control over me until this smile gracefully filled her face with complete happiness and then she slowly vanished. I yelled for my mom. “Mom there is a women in my room!” Of course she thought I was having a dream, but I knew this was what not true. I felt her presence and her love. I believed in her. So many times when things like this happens we push it away and believe that our mind was creating it or just a “coincidence”. I have heard and read stories over and over of the same experiences. I believe the moment we do not push these experiences away we become more aware of the signs and connection to really understanding energy in a none bodily form. It is not being afraid to the unknown and excepting what is there. In movies we are taught to fear ghosts. In belief systems we are told to not talk about or have interactions ghosts or apparitions. That this could be bad. In society we can be viewed as “crazy” for explaining our experience that many may not understand. I am very grateful as a child to have went through this as it gave me the faith in believing in me and to not fear what society has taught us to believe. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s very important staying neutral when it comes to situations like seeing apparitions which can be very difficult. To not be overly OCD on why, what, or who it is we are seeing. To be curious. We have the ability to accept it or decline it. If we accept it and not question what is happening. Like it is an every day routine. It becomes normal and the energy appearing knows we are more aware of it without fear. Always remember that we are in control of ourself and we have the choice on how we feel, act, choose to be, and choose to accept it or decline. To also have boundaries. Once the awareness is there we start to really understand that we may not die completely. That our consciousness lives on.

Did you know our mission/spirituality changes everything in our life?

It’s true. If you are constantly complaining, blaming, and being the victim you are not at cause. In order to be happy you have to be at “cause” and that we have a choice to make the change. We have to make the change in the behavior and take action. Asking ourself “What actions can I do that will change things?” From there is your capabilities and what new capabilities you can you learn and access. When you gain new capabilities you have more choices. This will help develop new behaviors that come with those new capabilities. Your behavior really does affect what you “can and “can’t do.” Once you change your behavior you change your identity. Ever catch yourself saying “I am stupid. I am fat. I am a smoker.” Once you say the “I am” you become an identity. Start by say ” I am healthy. I am happy. I am in charge.I am the greatest ….” Most of all once you change your mission or spirituality you change all of the above. Ever known that one person who completely changed their belief system whether it be a certain mission or spirituality? It changes everything including the people they associated with. It is all about being aware and being in control of you and only you. Nobody can change it for you. If you feel better, everything in your life will change and your happiness is well worth it.

Can you overcome anxiety without prescription drugs?

Through life we can go to a very dark place and sometimes it can be difficult to come out. Our thoughts can become overwhelming to the point we just do not know how to function anymore. We turn to medicine for our anxiety. Medicine has been around for a very long time and has helped many people, but for those who choose not to go that direction there can be another path to overcome this feeling of worry. Many people experience heaviness or tightness in their chest, uncontrollable breathing, and isolation from society. It can affect our daily life especially now in the world. The mind is very powerful and what you tell yourself can have amazing effects on your body. The moment you start to feel anxiety starting, place your hand out in front of you and say STOP. If you do this every time you get that negative thought it becomes a program in your mind and eventually the anxiety can be reduces completely to 0. Just like any other pattern we create within our mind we have the power to change the programming. “You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”

Are Past Lives Real?

Many of us today have experienced a past life regression. It can change a life today in a positive way and help someone understand why they might be experiencing a phobia, certain illness, recurring dream, birthmark, or just curious about what might be shown. The question is does it even matter. The unconscious mind has ways of showing each of us what we need to look at or see. If we were in a time of ancient ruins and temples full of magical beings it shows us our true nature of self. Does it mean we were Cleopatra in a lifetime or a farmer attending to his land? Maybe so. At least it’s a part that needs to be shown within us that we are familiar with. If it can help to overcome any answers we might be searching for then there should be no argument. Everyone has their own belief and why should we be the ones to judge the experience. I as a hypnosis practitioner have worked with many clients who have overcame fears, internal blocks, relationship issues, life purposes, and many other obstacles that clients have had to face in this lifetime. I have seen incredible changes happening in their lives and the power of the mind has ways to work with each of us to show us things we can only imagine. To book a session please click here.

Can a deceased loved one still communicate with us?

I am sure if you are reading this title it caught your attention. The answer is yes. You might still wonder if your loved one can hear, see, or feel you. Often we go back to the cemetery to be close to them because that is where their body or cremation is buried. A place to go and feel connected. We give flowers, food, money, and even drinks to show our respects and that we have not forgotten about them. We mourn the memories of the physical body. Well, if you didn’t know already everything is energy. The longer we are in a certain location (home or work space) the longer some of our energy stays put in one place. Remember we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Once our body (vehicle) is no longer working, we are set free to go and explore basically anywhere. For those first two weeks after the time of death, spirit stays around many times trying to comfort us. This is when we might hear or feel them. Maybe even experience unusual activity. The mind can not comprehend this because we need to see a physical body and need to hear a physical voice. Then we think it is just our thoughts and dismiss the fact that they were not in contact with us. We might even feel “crazy”. What they really want us to know is that they are still here. This can take a huge amount of energy for spirit. Often times keeping them earthbound if we are still emotionally attached to them. Yes, we need to grieve but there is a time we need to accept and let go in order for them to have their own journey. Remember our loved ones are always around because once again, spirit is energy and energy has the meaning to move anywhere and be many places at one time. Once you become aware of this, you start to to see many symbols and signs of their presence through dreams, songs, lights, animals, and many other signs that have meaning to you… and this can be such a beautiful experience if we just allow it. If you would like to know more please contact me here. ❤️