What is a Habit?

We must learn a new way of thinking before we master a new way to be.

Many of us have a habit. Some might it call it an addiction. Mine is chocolate. What do I do when I feel stressed? I grab some chocolate and before I know it the whole Lindt chocolate bar is completely vanished and consumed into my stomach. A habit can be playing video games, watching youtube, being on our phones or even a certain way of feeling or condition because it has been our identity. A habit starts off with a trigger. A trigger can be an emotion or feeling. Sad, bored, anxious, stressed, angry or just think it’s cool to grab a cigarette or a drink of alcohol and later find it helps to relieve stress. Each time we do this we learn to repeat the process and it becomes a habit or a program. So later feeling stressed out triggers that urge to smoke a cigarette or eat something sweet. This is called a reward-based learning process. See food, eat food, feel good. Repeat. Our body sends a signal to our brain that says, “remember what you are eating and where you found it.” It is being aware of our triggers and changing the program. When we can understand this, it starts a beginning of a whole new thinking process. Sometimes we might not even be aware of where our habit came from since it has been with us so long. That is where hypnosis comes in to find the trigger and then change the program. Sometimes it’s as little as finding the cause. There can be many triggers and it is like peeling a onion away until we get to the root of it. Then we can live our life feeling amazing and healthy. After all our body works so hard 48 hours a day 7 days a week and it deserves it doesn’t it? If you would like to learn more please connect with me here.

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