Do this to help with Anxiety

I always knew peripheral vision was important when playing certain sports as it prepared me to be more alert and have a quicker response to my opponent. Peripheral Vision is the ability to place focus on the corner outside of your eyes or side vision. After studying more about the human eyes I learned thatContinue reading “Do this to help with Anxiety”

Seeing is believing in Reality Believing is Seeing

It was the middle of the night. As I slowly sat up in my bed I notice a beautiful woman in white standing next to the left side of my bed. As an eight year old girl I felt confused but curious. Who is this and why is she here? I could feel this fearContinue reading “Seeing is believing in Reality Believing is Seeing”

Did you know our mission/spirituality changes everything in our life?

It’s true. If you are constantly complaining, blaming, and being the victim you are not at cause. In order to be happy you have to be at “cause” and that we have a choice to make the change. We have to make the change in the behavior and take action. Asking ourself “What actions canContinue reading “Did you know our mission/spirituality changes everything in our life?”

Can you overcome anxiety without prescription drugs?

Through life we can go to a very dark place and sometimes it can be difficult to come out. Our thoughts can become overwhelming to the point we just do not know how to function anymore. We turn to medicine for our anxiety. Medicine has been around for a very long time and has helpedContinue reading “Can you overcome anxiety without prescription drugs?”

Can a deceased loved one still communicate with us?

I am sure if you are reading this title it caught your attention. The answer is yes. You might still wonder if your loved one can hear, see, or feel you. Often we go back to the cemetery to be close to them because that is where their body or cremation is buried. A placeContinue reading “Can a deceased loved one still communicate with us?”