Seeing is believing in Reality Believing is Seeing

It was the middle of the night. As I slowly sat up in my bed I notice a beautiful woman in white standing next to the left side of my bed. As an eight year old girl I felt confused but curious. Who is this and why is she here? I could feel this fear taking control over me until this smile gracefully filled her face with complete happiness and then she slowly vanished. I yelled for my mom. “Mom there is a women in my room!” Of course she thought I was having a dream, but I knew this was what not true. I felt her presence and her love. I believed in her. So many times when things like this happens we push it away and believe that our mind was creating it or just a “coincidence”. I have heard and read stories over and over of the same experiences. I believe the moment we do not push these experiences away we become more aware of the signs and connection to really understanding energy in a none bodily form. It is not being afraid to the unknown and excepting what is there. In movies we are taught to fear ghosts. In belief systems we are told to not talk about or have interactions ghosts or apparitions. That this could be bad. In society we can be viewed as “crazy” for explaining our experience that many may not understand. I am very grateful as a child to have went through this as it gave me the faith in believing in me and to not fear what society has taught us to believe. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s very important staying neutral when it comes to situations like seeing apparitions which can be very difficult. To not be overly OCD on why, what, or who it is we are seeing. To be curious. We have the ability to accept it or decline it. If we accept it and not question what is happening. Like it is an every day routine. It becomes normal and the energy appearing knows we are more aware of it without fear. Always remember that we are in control of ourself and we have the choice on how we feel, act, choose to be, and choose to accept it or decline. To also have boundaries. Once the awareness is there we start to really understand that we may not die completely. That our consciousness lives on.

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