Do this to help with Anxiety

I always knew peripheral vision was important when playing certain sports as it prepared me to be more alert and have a quicker response to my opponent. Peripheral Vision is the ability to place focus on the corner outside of your eyes or side vision. After studying more about the human eyes I learned that it is linked to the parasympathetic system (the part of the nervous system associated with relaxation, calmness and healing). I became more aware of how focusing on this part of my eyes helped me go more into a deeper meditative state. I noticed how my body would become more relaxed as my mind became quiet and calm. I could even feel my hands become warm. The more I practiced doing this along with some deep breathing techniques it helped me to reduce any internal dialogue that wasn’t helping me relax. Shamanic cultural traditions such as Hawaiian Huna used peripheral vision as a way into altered states which originated from our ancestors in Egypt. Martial arts encourage peripheral vision as a means to relaxed alertness. Now, when I am sitting in the airport or relaxing in a park I make it a habit to use my vision in this alerted state. I now know through my own experience that this can be used as a powerful way to help clients relax through anxiety and even panic attacks. If you would like more information on learning this technique please contact me here.

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