It will be Okay

Could what we learned or worked as a profession help us to communicate after we die?

It was the morning of October 25th, 2013. Tears were flowing down my face and my heart felt sadness. It’s been a long week traveling from Mexico and going back to my original schedule at home. Sitting at the kitchen table I looked down at this beautiful wooden urn with the picture of Jesus engraved on the front. How I wished my father would just appear around the corner and tell me he is okay. My eyes felt heavy and sore from wiping them. Thinking to myself and wondering if he is okay wherever he is. My phone rang. “Nope not going to answer it. It’s probably a client wanting an appointment and I am just not in the mood to talk right now.” After doing a few things around the house I noticed I had a voicemail from the call earlier. As I proceeded to listen I could hear static on the other end. Then I heard his voice, “It will be okay.” It sounded as though he was miles away. Could this possibly be my father? It’s his accent. Oh my goodness it’s him. Ok either I was going crazy, hallucinating or extremely tired. My dad use to tell me this anytime I was down or just needed to feel better. I knew it. I believed in it, but for a split second you start to question it. I called my husband at the time and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. If you knew my dad you would believe it too. In the next few days strange things were happening but I won’t get into this now. Maybe in another blog. As we sat down going through pictures on the computer the light started flickering on the ceiling. I believed it was him trying to communicate. The minute I looked up at the light I softly said, “Dad is that you?” The light blew out and there was complete silence. I knew I should have stocked up on light bulbs as I told myself. I accepted that this was him letting me know he is watching over me. Now, my father was not only a photographer but also had his own business as an electrician. He knew how technology worked. He knew how to fix lights. In fact he knew how to fix everything. It was his way of saying that he see’s the pictures on the computer screen because the lights would flicker along as we moved through them. Maybe he was disgusted by us deleting so many as I laughed. Fast forward. I work with many clients and death can be very hard for some. One of the reasons for clients coming in for a session is the sadness of losing a loved one. That they also have had experiences after someone close to them has passed away. Every time someone tells me the lights were flickering or blew out I ask what their loved one did as a profession. It never surprises me to hear they were an electrician or worked with energy. Could it possibly be that after death the soul or consciousness has the ability to manipulate energy because they consciously knew how it worked here? Perhaps. I believe there is more to explore beyond what we know, however we are learning more and more. Accepting this as our reality without questioning it. That we are in these lovely vehicles just experiencing life here on this beautiful earth and to accept it. If you would like more information on how to connect or you too have experienced this please contact me here.

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