Did you know our mission/spirituality changes everything in our life?

It’s true. If you are constantly complaining, blaming, and being the victim you are not at cause. In order to be happy you have to be at “cause” and that we have a choice to make the change. We have to make the change in the behavior and take action. Asking ourself “What actions can I do that will change things?” From there is your capabilities and what new capabilities you can you learn and access. When you gain new capabilities you have more choices. This will help develop new behaviors that come with those new capabilities. Your behavior really does affect what you “can and “can’t do.” Once you change your behavior you change your identity. Ever catch yourself saying “I am stupid. I am fat. I am a smoker.” Once you say the “I am” you become an identity. Start by say ” I am healthy. I am happy. I am in charge.I am the greatest ….” Most of all once you change your mission or spirituality you change all of the above. Ever known that one person who completely changed their belief system whether it be a certain mission or spirituality? It changes everything including the people they associated with. It is all about being aware and being in control of you and only you. Nobody can change it for you. If you feel better, everything in your life will change and your happiness is well worth it.

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