Can a deceased loved one still communicate with us?

I am sure if you are reading this title it caught your attention. The answer is yes. You might still wonder if your loved one can hear, see, or feel you. Often we go back to the cemetery to be close to them because that is where their body or cremation is buried. A place to go and feel connected. We give flowers, food, money, and even drinks to show our respects and that we have not forgotten about them. We mourn the memories of the physical body. Well, if you didn’t know already everything is energy. The longer we are in a certain location (home or work space) the longer some of our energy stays put in one place. Remember we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Once our body (vehicle) is no longer working, we are set free to go and explore basically anywhere. For those first two weeks after the time of death, spirit stays around many times trying to comfort us. This is when we might hear or feel them. Maybe even experience unusual activity. The mind can not comprehend this because we need to see a physical body and need to hear a physical voice. Then we think it is just our thoughts and dismiss the fact that they were not in contact with us. We might even feel “crazy”. What they really want us to know is that they are still here. This can take a huge amount of energy for spirit. Often times keeping them earthbound if we are still emotionally attached to them. Yes, we need to grieve but there is a time we need to accept and let go in order for them to have their own journey. Remember our loved ones are always around because once again, spirit is energy and energy has the meaning to move anywhere and be many places at one time. Once you become aware of this, you start to to see many symbols and signs of their presence through dreams, songs, lights, animals, and many other signs that have meaning to you… and this can be such a beautiful experience if we just allow it. If you would like to know more please contact me here. ❤️

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