Are Past Lives Real?

Many of us today have experienced a past life regression. It can change a life today in a positive way and help someone understand why they might be experiencing a phobia, certain illness, recurring dream, birthmark, or just curious about what might be shown. The question is does it even matter. The unconscious mind has ways of showing each of us what we need to look at or see. If we were in a time of ancient ruins and temples full of magical beings it shows us our true nature of self. Does it mean we were Cleopatra in a lifetime or a farmer attending to his land? Maybe so. At least it’s a part that needs to be shown within us that we are familiar with. If it can help to overcome any answers we might be searching for then there should be no argument. Everyone has their own belief and why should we be the ones to judge the experience. I as a hypnosis practitioner have worked with many clients who have overcame fears, internal blocks, relationship issues, life purposes, and many other obstacles that clients have had to face in this lifetime. I have seen incredible changes happening in their lives and the power of the mind has ways to work with each of us to show us things we can only imagine. To book a session please click here.

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