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What is a Habit?

Many of us have a habit. Some might it call it an addiction. Mine is chocolate. What do I do when I feel stressed? I grab some chocolate and before I know it the whole Lindt chocolate bar is completely vanished and consumed into my stomach. A habit can be playing video games, watching youtube,Continue reading “What is a Habit?”

It will be Okay

It was the morning of October 25th, 2013. Tears were flowing down my face and my heart felt sadness. It’s been a long week traveling from Mexico and going back to my original schedule at home. Sitting at the kitchen table I looked down at this beautiful wooden urn with the picture of Jesus engravedContinue reading “It will be Okay”

Do this to help with Anxiety

I always knew peripheral vision was important when playing certain sports as it prepared me to be more alert and have a quicker response to my opponent. Peripheral Vision is the ability to place focus on the corner outside of your eyes or side vision. After studying more about the human eyes I learned thatContinue reading “Do this to help with Anxiety”

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